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Aerosol-penetration tests

Penetration test with solid and liquid aerosols for respiratory protective equipment.

Adequate protection in protective respiratory equipment

Respiratory protective equipment must provide protection against hazardous gases and other potentially hazardous substances. It is important that the filter adequately retains solid and liquid particles. In the aerosol penetration test, we use standardised simulants to measure whether the filter or filtering face piece (FFP) meets the requirements set in this regard.

Accurate measuring with rapid results

In the aerosol penetration test, we measure the quantity of aerosols that manage to penetrate the filter. The test equipment we use for this meets the requirements of the European standards. This results in an accurate measurement of the filter effectiveness. In this test we use simulants described in the European standards: Sodium chloride (NaCl) for solid aerosols and Paraffin oil for liquid aerosols.

Comprehensive range of tests

ProQares can perform a comprehensive range of tests to map out the protective value of protective respiratory equipment. The aerosol penetration test is one of these tests.

To obtain a full picture of the effective protection provided, we can perform material testing and system testing, using both simulants and TICs and CWAs. Our test reports are in good standing with notified bodies. With this comprehensive range of tests, we can help you to evaluate and improve all your protective equipment.