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ProQares: rely on protection

We test personal and collective protective equipment. Companies and governments all over the world have been relying on our quality and services for many years.

Worldwide protection. Worldwide quality.

ProQares is a leading, independent laboratory specialised in testing protective clothing, gloves and boots, respiratory protective equipment and collective protective equipment. We provide high-quality and highly accurate material testing, system testing and on-site testing. For this we have an extensive range of (toxic) industrial chemicals, chemical warfare agents (CWAs) and cytostatics available. Our advanced test set-ups and innovative tailor-made services give our customers certainty when it comes to safety.

Our tests

ProQares provides manufacturers and end users of protective equipment with the information that a product provides the expected level of protection. This gives you a clear insight into its quality and allows you to meet the requirements for national and international accreditation and certification. You can contact us for:

  • Materials testing
  • System testing
  • On-site testing
  • Consultancy

At ProQares you can count on reliable, validated test results. But you can also count on our knowledge, experience and partnership. Together we have one common goal: making sure that professionals all over the world can rely on protection in dangerous circumstances.

About ProQares

ProQares is a combination of the words “Protection”, “Quality” and “Ares”, the Greek god of war. Our name illustrates what we stand for: guaranteeing the quality of protective equipment for anyone who works to protect others or who has to deal with toxic or life-threatening chemicals in any other way.

Would you like to know more?

Our many years of experience, unrivalled knowledge and expertise, extensive test facilities and innovative solutions make ProQares a partner for anyone who works with protective equipment.

Do you have any questions for us? Or would you like more information about your options?